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About US

Our Vision

Basically with a view to attaining the goals of education for all at the primary level (5+ to 9+ age group under the jurisdiction of Primary Education) the Board proposes to ensure

(i) universal access,

(ii) universal retention and

(iii) universal quality achievement in the primary education sector.

Obviously, to reach these the Board as per the powers and functions vested has successfully made so far the following strategic interventions that are logically coherent.

Creating value at scale

Products that perform seamlessly during any kind of surge, so you don’t have to worry about up-time and reliability. Upload and process any amount of data any time of the month, smoothly.

The Clear difference

Our products are built on top of secured, AI powered, cloud-based technology platforms. Our teams use cutting edge technology and data sciences to build products empowering Indians to make better financial choices.

More capital for SMEs, catalyst to India’s GDP

We infuse capital into SMEs in many ways. Our platform saves more than ₹1000 Cr for Indian businesses each year. They get payments early with Clear. We also provide collateral-free, filing behavior based loans to further boost their working capital needs.